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Hannah Rose

Founder & Clinical Supervisor

Hannah is a Nationally Certified Counselor, EMDR and Trauma-Informed, an Advanced Clinical Relapse Prevention Specialist, Licensed Clinical Supervisor, and Licensed Clinical Professional Counselor. 

She believes that change must begin internally, and that shame is at the core of everything that keeps us stagnant. In order to produce change, we must water the roots instead of watering the leaves. That being said, many of us channel our energy into maladjusted behaviors such as blame, control, and other attempts to change external circumstances. This is simply ineffective; We must look inward.​

In the last year, Hannah has transitioned from a full time therapist specialize in trauma-informed care to entering the world of public speaking and consulting, where she helps therapists start their own private practice or scale their current practice. Hannah uses her therapeutic training to help clinicians become "unblocked" from their self defeating beliefs, imposter syndrome, gratitude shaming, and other maladjusted behaviors that hinder their growth both personally and professionally. Hannah believes in the non-negotiable importance of a therapeutic relationship, and aims to cultivate a safe space of trust, compassion, and empathy with her consulting clients.

In addition to mental health therapy, Hannah is incredibly passionate about writing, public speaking, and coaching. She also has a YouTube channel where she uploads videos specifically aimed at emotional wellness. Follow Hannah on Goodreads to follow her book reviews and get inspiration for your next read!

Specialties & Therapeutic Modalities

Trauma-informed care, EMDR, mindfulness-based stress reduction, existential and narrative therapies, person-centered, motivational interviewing

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Education / Certifications

Goucher College

Bachelor of Art in Psychology

Johns Hopkins University

Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling


Advanced Clinical Relapse Prevention Specialist

Kase & CO

EMDR Level 1

Ferentz Institute

Trauma-Informed Care Level 1