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The Rose Wellness Story

Rose Wellness started as a passion project when our founder, Hannah Rose, began seeing clients privately after her full-time job in addiction treatment in June 2019. Over time, she discovered her true love for helping clients with issues like relationships, self-esteem, purpose, and existential meaning. She knew she had to make the leap into full-time private practice, and by October 2019, Rose Wellness was born.

With a caseload full of clients, Hannah realized she needed to expand her team to meet the growing demand for compassionate therapy. In December 2021, Rose Wellness officially became a group practice. Today, we proudly offer a range of therapy services with our incredible team of talented and authentic therapists!

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Our Values

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At Rose Wellness, we value genuine connections above all else. Choosing the right therapist for you is not just about their education or methodologies – it's about experiencing that gut feeling that tells you there's a genuine connection. Our philosophy is simple: real attracts real. We stray away from the old-school, sterile approach to therapy. We're here to create a safe and authentic space where you can be your true self and feel comfortable opening up. We know that it is an absolute privilege to bear witness to your healing, and we convey that in our authenticity.

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Mindfulness is the practice of nonjudgmental awareness. We cannot begin to change, grow, and heal until we bring awareness to what it is that needs changing, growth, and healing. That’s why our therapists work from a strengths-based and mindfulness-based approach. We shine a light on what’s working, so you can access your incredible potential to overcome challenges. Even if 99% of you doesn’t believe you are capable of change, the 1% of you that took the leap to start therapy is holding onto something you may not even be aware of. That’s where we come in. We believe in your capacity to grow and change, even if sometimes you don’t.

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The most important relationship you have is your relationship with yourself. Far too often, we attempt to elicit change by adjusting external circumstances rather than heal our internal wounds. We focus our attention, energy, and blame on those around us.  If we are able to create internal peace, our foundation of self cannot be shaken by external stimuli. Thich Nhat Hanh says that “if you want the tree to grow, it won’t help to water the leaves. You have to water the roots” We are here to help you water your roots and create long lasting, sustainable healing. By planting seeds of self-love and acceptance, we believe that true healing is possible.

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Founder Hannah Rose

Having personally experienced unresolved wounds before entering therapy, our founder Hannah Rose knew how difficult it can be to seek help. Through mentorship and therapy, she felt as though she was given a new lease on life. Inspired to help others have a similar transformation, Hannah pursued her undergraduate degree in Psychology and her graduate degree in clinical mental health counseling. Through her post-grad work in addiction treatment and co-occurring disorders, she gained valuable experience and knowledge of the healing process

Nowadays, Hannah’s passion lies in public speaking workshops for clinicians and the general public, professional development for organizations, and consultation with prospective or current practice owners. Once Rose Wellness became a thriving group practice, Hannah shifted from working with clients in a therapeutic setting to working with clinicians as a mentor and consultant.

Outside of her professional endeavors, Hannah is an avid reader, enjoys spending time with her dog, Ralph, and is incredibly passionate about musical theater. One thing that got Hannah through the fear and imposter syndrome of starting her own practice was the prospect of creating merch (she will always be a tween at heart). Now, Rose Wellness merch exists in the world!

Credentials + Training

  Bachelor’s Degree in Psychology - Goucher College
  Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling - Johns Hopkins University
  EMDR Level 1 - Kase & CO
  Advanced Clinical Relapse Prevention Specialist - Gorski-CENAPS
  Trauma-Informed Training Level 1  - The Ferentz Institute
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Teletherapy Services

One-on-One Sessions

Our one-on-one therapy sessions are designed to be a safe, confidential, and supportive space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings, work through challenges, and develop new skills and strategies for coping with life's ups and downs.

Our therapists are skilled in a variety of therapeutic approaches, and we tailor our sessions to meet your unique needs and goals. Our therapy sessions are available for individuals of all ages and backgrounds.

Group Sessions

Our group therapy sessions are available for couples, families, and other small groups who are looking to improve their relationships, develop healthier communication skills and overcome challenges together. We use evidence-based therapeutic approaches to help you achieve your goals, and we are dedicated to creating a welcoming and inclusive environment for all participants.

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