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Photo of a Speaking + Consultancy by Hannah Rose

Speaking + Consulting

with Hannah Rose

Rose Wellness founder Hannah Rose offers speaking and consulting services to help individuals and organizations unlock their full potential.

This includes:
Consultation for therapists starting private practices.
Workshops on personal development and other therapeutic topics.
Organizational development trainings for organizations seeking to foster better internal cohesion.

Through her candid and energetic style, Hannah helps groups and individuals get to the root of dysfunction, so they can cultivate the self-awareness necessary to create authentic relationships.

Topics + Workshops

Staff Cohesion

Our Staff Cohesion Training is designed for businesses and organizations seeking to foster better internal cohesion. During these trainings, Hannah puts the magnifying glass on organizations and identifies the root causes of any and all problems. By taking a closer look, Hannah helps teams identify weak points and develop effective strategies for rebuilding trust between its members.


In Authenticity Workshops, participants learn to cultivate the self-awareness necessary to create authentic relationships. Through candid conversations and exercises, Hannah empowers participants to overcome barriers to self-forgiveness, self-compassion, and self-esteem. The workshop focuses on enhancing the relationship with oneself and cultivating authenticity in all areas of life, so participants can break free from societal expectations and embrace their unique identity.

Addiction + Recovery

Hannah’s Addiction Workshops help participants learn to identify and address the underlying emotional and psychological factors that contribute to addictive behaviors. Through a combination of education, self-reflection, and practical tools, Hannah helps individuals burdened with addiction confront destructive patterns and build a strong foundation for lasting recovery.

Private Practice Consulting

As someone who started a practice in order to help more people and to have more autonomy in her career, Hannah understands why so many therapists dream of making the same leap. Far too often, however, the practical and emotional hurdles of building a practice stop so many talented therapists in their tracks. 

With our Private Practice Consulting services, Hannah guides you through the challenges of building a successful practice by helping you:

Walk step-by-step through starting a business
Navigate insurance credentialing
Assess and give feedback on your offerings
Develop effective branding & marketing strategies
Confront fear and imposter syndrome

Reach Out for Private
Practice Consultation

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About Hannah Rose

Hannah's personal and professional journey have always been inextricably linked. She knew she was interested in Psychology from an early age; she worked at a summer camp where she found herself encouraging the teen campers to talk about what was "really going on," similar to how she would later approach her therapy practice. She craved connection on a deeper level, which eventually led her to seek out clinical mental health counseling as a career. 

Hannah grew up in Connecticut and moved to Maryland in 2008 when she began her Bachelor's degree in Psychology at Goucher College. There she ran into hurdle after hurdle both educationally and personally. Engaging with a therapist and identifying the core wounds that kept her stuck was integral to Hannah’s healing, and ultimately gave her a new lease on life.

Hannah completed her graduate degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling at Johns Hopkins University. Upon completing her degree, she worked in both outpatient and inpatient rehabilitation facilities for substance use disorders. After some time in the field, Hannah realized that she craved more autonomy and flexibility in her approach as a therapist.

In 2019, she took a leap of faith and created her own private practice. She began to see clients in the evenings and on weekends, and it wasn’t long before Hannah had to turn away new clients because her caseload was full. Realizing the need for more clinicians in the private practice sector, she was inspired to seek out like-minded therapists and launch Rose Wellness in 2021. Now, she has the freedom to focus on what she loves most: helping individuals and groups heal through workshops, speaking engagements, and training.

At the heart of Hannah’s approach is a deep belief in the power of deconstructing barriers to self-love and authenticity to overcome stuckness. She has seen time and time again the transformations that humans are able to have, given the right set of tools.

In her free time, Hannah is an avid reader, lover of musical theater, and dog mom. She strives to practice mindfulness, follow her passions, and live in adventure, possibility, and vulnerability.

You can follow Hannah on LinkedIn, YouTube, and Goodreads!

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Healing with Hannah

Discover Hannah’s media collection, a treasure trove of resources designed to inspire and empower you on your journey toward self-compassion, self-love, and personal growth. From powerful articles to thought-provoking podcasts, Hannah offers invaluable insights on how to overcome shame and start living your best life.

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