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Sarah Ghatineh, LMSW
Identity Affirming Psychotherapist


Sarah is not accepting new clients at this time.

My name is Sarah, سارا (sɑːˈrɑː) and I am a queer, non-binary, neurodivergent, Middle Eastern therapist whose pronouns are they/them. My practice is rooted in anti-oppressive, gender-affirming, sex-positive, and trauma-informed perspectives that center on holistic empowerment and healing. I am consistently working to broaden my awareness surrounding the intersection of my privilege and impacting identities.


Above all, my practice is person-centered and collaborative- I trust clients as the experts of their own lives. I use integrative methods, some of which include cognitive-behavioral, existential, internal family systems, mindfulness-based, and psychodynamic therapy. That being said, everyone is unique in their needs and their path, and I strive to individualize my approach to care. I hope to challenge clients to uncover and project their authentic and dynamic potential, while acknowledging the harmful impacts of oppressive systems and celebrating their growth along the way. As someone who experiences, expresses, and understands their identities differently at different times, I will hold space for clients to explore their infinite ways of being.

I have experience and a special interest in working with 2SLGBTQIA+ and BIPOC populations, with a particular affinity for working with transgender, gender-expansive, and non-binary individuals. I have also worked extensively with immigrants, refugees, and children of immigrant families; first generation and beyond. In my precious spare time I like to dance, hike, read poetry, eat, watch spooky movies, loiter in used bookstores, listen to Miss Simone, and- while I cherish my solitude- cultivate relationships with my community and family (blood and chosen).

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